Chase Moskal Web Developer


Full-stack web optimist from Victoria British Columbia

I'm 23 years old, and maybe it's young idealism, but it's my belief that the web is the true future of computing. I like to imagine a day where all apps and applications, mobile and desktop alike, are constructed of universal web code. The promise of a globally accessible open platform keeps me very ambitious and proud to be a part of this budding industry.

I believe web development and application development will soon become one and the same, which is why I've invested more than five years to honing my skills in this field.

JavaScript is my favorite language because of its flexibility.

I'm proficient and experienced with JavaScript's applications on the web. Clientside, I've mastered the DOM, long outgrown jQuery dependence, and gone deep with experimental dynamic single page application technologies: from the obvious like ajax, to the more esoteric like isomorphically rendered pushState virtual pages. I'm really into page performance optimization, fascinated by web workers, and am always studying the latest APIs that endow the modern browser. Beyond the page, JavaScript has become a part of my development workflow in the form of node, gulp, and npm.

I'm the proud author of Typo.js, an open source tool that is applicable to any JS enivironment, and also Modable.js, a work-in-progress flexible modal lightbox.

I see PHP as a practical serverside language for modern applications.

I embrace new tools like the Composer package manager for recreating for PHP the benefits that npm brought to JavaScript. I very much enjoy PSR standards and specifically PSR-4 autoloading to design optimal and organized application architectures.

I have experience with and a strong interest in implementing secure payment gateways and employing cryptographic information security measures to keep private data safe. I take pride in designing and implementing web services in PHP, and have experience creating REST interfaces and the applications behind them.