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Open Source


bower install git://

Typo is an open source JavaScript tool for chainable type checking and argument validation. It features a robust and unique syntax for the basic type checking that is missing from standard JavaScript.

Typo is MIT licensed and available on GitHub.

Modable.js (work in progress)

bower install git://

Modable (pronounced "mode-able") is my work-in-progress end-all-be-all responsive modal lightbox library made of pure JavaScript. Unsatisfied with other lightbox libaries and their lack of elasticity, I set out to create the most responsive image lightbox on the web. Modable fits easily on any device. When you try it out, I encourage you to resize your browser window like crazy.

Modable is a work in progress of mine. Coming soon: support for youtube/vimeo players, various text boxes and dialogs, and a proper full documentation website.

Recent Freelance Websites

The Blue Realm

This hand-coded photography-driven website showcases my design and development skills including preloaded pages, custom parallax algorithms, smooth page transitions, and an extremely flexible responsive design.

Optimization was a major goal for this website, which conditionally loads in either high quality or low quality, depending on the user's detected connection speed. In high quality mode, the entire website weighs less than 610KB. You can manually switch the website between high and low quality modes by clicking the button in the bottom right of the footer.

Karly Summers

This artistic single-page website was built to promote an EP album release. Designed embracing responsive ideologies, this website fits on any device. I also created the preceding promotion for a music video of hers, "how it goes". All hand-coded.

Tony Moskal

My 'ol Pops designed this site in Photoshop himself. Following his design closely, I adapted it to responsive ideologies ensuring it looks beautiful on any device, and hand-coded his website with my trademark preloaded pages and instant push-state pageflips.

I designed the videos page, which actually feeds in directly from Vimeo's API, such that any changes he makes to his Vimeo channel are reflected on his website in real time. Each video's featured photo is actually the Vimeo-specified thumbnail.

Man Made Lake

A unique and experimental band website on a budget featuring their own creative album art coupled with my artistic implementation, which exhibits my parallax algorithms on a single-page design. I designed and developed this website from the drawing board staying mindful of responsive principals and document outline best practices. They haven't yet provided me with a higher resolution replacement for that one photo.

More Projects

The Soda Shoppe

Freelance website project, design and development. Designed to actually look like the physical storefront, the design elements were created from pictures I took of the shop with my iPhone.

The Brimshaw Establishment

A personal hobby of mine: I'm the proud curator of a casual weekend video game competition -- and I couldn't help myself from making a shiny website for it. Through the endeavor, I've gained some fun experience with basic video editing, and feeding videos directly from the YouTube API.

Black Label Bait Logo

Just a little logo I made for a family friend's business.

Scott's Gardening

Freelance website project, design and development.

Stoney Lake Retreat

I built this website quickly and on a low budget by being practical: I used Wix! I put together the design in a very short amount of time by radically modifying a Wix template, and at the end it was easy and hand over the Wix keys so the client could make changes.

Rusco Windows & Screen

Freelance website project, design and development.