Chase Moskal Web Developer


I am currently employed
as a Frontend Developer
at INgrooves Music Group

Development Skills

JavaScript Architect

ECMAScript expert with a passion for creating well-documented, optimal, object-oriented software. True understanding of prototypal inheritance is key to building an efficient, maintainable, and scalable JavaScript system.

PHP Engineer

Trusted with designing complex applications featuring payment processing, REST Web APIs, PSR standards, autoloading, and Composer package management. Prepared to create secure software for handling sensitive information. Experience with cryptography and information security.

Source Control Advocate

Git enthusiast with Subversion experience.

HTML Semanticist

Obsessed with semantics, healthy document outlines, and the latest from the WHATWG mailing list. Search engine indexability tweaks (SEO) go hand-in-hand with page load performance benchmarking.

CSS Evolutionist

Responsive design and media query disciple who embraces preprocessors like SCSS and Less. Years of mediating browser quirks yields responsible workarounds and graceful degradation.

Design Skills

Website Producer

Past experience working directly with clients (technically minded or otherwise) to provide solutions and understanding, empowering them to establish a brand and unique web presence from whiteboard to URL.

Photoshop Artist

Talented designer with years of Photoshop experience. Meticulously named non-destructive layers. Takes design criticism like a breeze and never personally.

UX Designer

Mindful and detail-oriented about usability with the JS skills to pull off jank-free rendering.


INgrooves Music Group 2017 - Presently Frontend Developer
  • Application development in JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular
Latitude Geographics 2015 - 2016 Web Developer
  • Worked with TypeScript, npm, node, application development
  • Acted as Scrum Master
Freelance Client Work 2012 - 2015 Website Producer
  • Custom designed websites for small businesses
  • Hand-coded PHP and JS Libraries
  • Original CMS software
  • Emphasis on mobile-friendliness and responsive design
  • Transitioned from Subversion to Git for source control
Rewards Den 2011 - 2012 Full Stack Web Developer
  • PHP application development
  • REST Web API
  • JavaScript SDK
  • "RewardsHub" UI
  • Custom e-store design and development with backend PayPal integration
  • Subversion administrator
  • Challenging deadlines
The FPS Project

Open Source Project

2009 - 2011
Project Leader / Primary Programmer
  • Designed and implemented networked game engine in Python
  • Low-level socket experience
  • 3D ballistics simulation
  • Source control in Subversion (hosted on Google Code)
  • Recruiting and inspiring a small team of talented enthusiasts
Published passage by me about managing the project
Felinto, Dalai, and Mike Pan. "Chapter 10: Case Studies - The FPS Project".
Game Development with Blender. 1st ed.
Boston, MA: Cengage Learning PTR, 2013. 410. Print.