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Websites and Applications

Battle of Alesia

Julius Caesar's Battle of Alesia, presented in a visual storytelling experience. With my own narration and web production, and Lonnie Ralfs' beautiful illustrations


Instant web cryptography. Encrypt text with password as you type. Securely share or store sensitive information your own way

This Website

Literally this website's source code, on GitHub. This is my open source personal website



Youtube channel instant search. Tooling to interact with the youtube api to fetch videos and present an interface for searching through them


Easy relative sizing for the web. JavaScript and some SCSS for sizing text relative to its containing element (handy for putting text over images)


Vertical parallax engine for beautiful web presentations. Parallax animation engine to create beautiful 3d-feeling scenes — I created this specifically to power the Battle of Alesia project with Lonnie Ralfs


Browser polyfill for the webp image format. I've bundled up Google's webp image decoder as a javascript module, and created a handy polyfill script which makes webp images work in all browsers (given some extra decoding time for the users)

Glorious Frontend

A stack to stake your career on. Minimalistic clientside web application boilerplate template


Write javascript anywhere. Node static site generation library

Midi Listener

Listen for and interpret MIDI device input. Npm module for the browser


Monarch Engine

Concept game engine. Networked web game framework featuring a map editor. This is a continuation of the networked game engine concepts that I've been developing with friends for years, but this time implemented purely on the web, built on top of babylonjs


Robot tank game. 3D game to demonstrate the monarch game engine